“Ask The Recruiter” Event Recap

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Many of you logged on to join our real-time question and answer session, “Ask The Recruiter.” Here is a recap from our premiere event!

Question: I am a post doc at UF. I graduated from FSU in nuclear physics. I do not have any finance background. How hard it is for me to make a transition to the financial sector

Answer: Having a Physics degree may open up some doors within the Quant field. I’d do some research into trading firms and banks with Quant openings, and also review the positions we have at http://www.orion-recruiting.com

Q: I have been trying that for a few months I haven’t got any response I have extensive computing/mathematical/statistical skills how important is the resume.

A: The resume is very important- write your resume for each job and be sure to include all of the qualifications they ask for on your resume!

Q: Thanks, what I meant was do I have to pay a professional to write my resume.

A: It is not always necessary to hire a professional resume writer there are many free online resources on the internet. Let us know if this continues to be a challenge for you and we can explore on our next blog!

Q: Please do. Thanks a lot. As I said I do not have any financial background. But I do not want to write C++/python codes all the time. How can I get into hardcore finance like quant research for example.

A: You may want to research firms you are interested in and contact them directly on linked in etc. Some even post these types of opportunities on their website but won’t use firms like us for that!

Q: Thank you
Q: I’ve had several recruiters contact me for the same position or firm; I’m starting to not trust the recruiting industry can you provide some insight as to way this happens.

A: Many recruiters are using the same sourcing tools and ultimately find the same candidates. I’d suggest working with one or two recruiters that you trust and keeping an excel spread sheet to track where your resume has been submitted. I’d also make sure to let the recruiters you are working with know explicitly that they do not have your permission to send along your information to any of their clients until they speak with you.
Q: Hello, I am a software quality assurance analyst & tester. I have been looking at positions in the financial industry question – Is having previous experience in the financial industry required?

A: It depends on the firm, but most of the time our clients prefer prior industry experience
Q: My current experience has been in the insurance industry where I have tested an application where I had to validate the financial transactions.

A: I’d focus on leveraging your technical skills to at least get a conversation started. It is always helpful to include financial industry specific interests on your resume so a potential employer will know that you have an interest in the industry.

Q: Right – that’s why I have a bullet item on my resume that I validate rates, calculations and premiums on both the new application and the legacy systems for accuracy.

A: I’d try to emphasize that you have a personal interest in the financial sector, and are looking to find a new position that will combine your technical background and personal interests.
Q: What suggestions do u have if u can’t get a job in your field and the gap between those jobs is growing?

A: I would look at consulting projects or additional certifications that will be beneficial when the market turns around.

Q: Where do u find consulting projects?

A: I would suggest leveraging recruiters and sites like LinkedIn. Depending on your professional background there are targeted sites you can find online that will allow you to bid on consulting projects.

Q: Ok…thank you very much!
Q: I have about 18+ years of professional experience, 8 years of that as a controller for a small IT entity. I left the job in June and am currently taking CPEs to get my CPA back in force. I left due to the fact that I was not able to perform well in a position that I had moved into a year previously. The workload was too great. Even in this business climate, I do not want to enter into a position that is too "heavy". I am confident that with time, I will find a good position that allows me to grow, but allows a good work-life balance. Am I correct?

A: We are seeing a bit of a turn around in the market, but the longer you wait the more difficult it may be to move into a new position. I’d suggest doing some consulting work while looking for a position that aligns with your career goals.

Q: Does Orion offer consulting positions? I enjoy consulting, as a matter of fact, but have found that there is not much available (at least in the past 2 months).

A: Yes, it is a growing area of our firm and we expect more positions to come in over the next six months.

Q: Great. One more question: Is it worthwhile to have an active CPA license? I would think that the answer would be “yes” as it shows that the accountant has done some studying current pronouncements and other relevant issues.

A: You are correct- a CPA is a great credential to have!

Q: Also, it shows that I have not been idle in between jobs. And an active one, correct? It is better to have an active license than just being “registered”.

A: Companies prefer that your CPA is active; also not appearing idle between jobs is very important!

Q: Thanks! Can you please tell me the best way to send my resume to you? I would like to explore consulting opps with you.

A: http://www.orion-recruiting.com/jobs thank you for your participating!

Q: Great! Thank you!
Q: Hi, I received a form from interviewer before go to interview. Ask me to fill up the “available date” and “desired salary”. I don’t want to put a number there before I finish interview and get the offer. So, how should I fill up this info on the form? Should I just leave the two places on the form blank?

A: Thanks for the questions. It’s always good to let your employer know your availability. When it comes to Salary it is good to let them know your current package. I’d encourage you to answer both fields.

Q: I just graduated, so I don’t have current package. If I put the salary before i go to the interview, maybe I put a number outside their expected range. Will it affect whether they will offer me the job?

A: I would suggest doing some research on what similar positions pay in your area and base your response on the research you’ve done.

Q: Thanks. But sometimes it’s hard because different company or different background could be different. I was thinking if I don’t fill up the salary info and ask them for the expected range first the when I go to interview then give them my desired salary. Will this ok? Will it be a problem if I fill out the info as I talk to them about their expected range?

A: I’d suggest at least completing the start date section of an application
Q: What types of certifications would you recommend for technology pros in the financial sector aside from the norms?

A: Depends…our clients seem to like CCIE’s MCSE’s CFA’s CCNPs

Q: Would it be your firm’s opinion that the stability and growth of the financial sectors employee has or is improving?

A: Yes it is improving we have close to 100 jobs we are recruiting for and get new ones in every day!

Q: Are your clients located anywhere other than NY or Chicago? Satellite offices etc?

A: Most are in Chicago and NY- we are seeing more and more in CA and TX.

Q: What kinds of programming jobs are most common right now (system vs appl, popular languages & environments, etc.)?

A: Languages? C++ Java C#-Network Programming, multithreaded OO.

Q: Thanks, that’s how it looks to me. Another question … Are *all* jobs in NYC/NJ? It sure seems that way.

A: No we have a lot of openings in Chicago, CA etc.

Q: How fast would you say the “average” position gets filled? What is the usual “window” when a recruiter contacts you? Days, weeks?

A: It depends on the position. Most of the time our clients are looking for the right fit, not a fit right now. Typically you can expect the process to take up to a month give or take a few weeks.

Q: Thanks! Planning in a job search is everything. I don’t need to be trying to “bump” things that can’t be bumped…

A: No problem at all. Best of luck in your search.
Q: Are sites like monster.com worth the effort?

A: I would recommend using social networking sites like LinkedIn or even Facebook. Most firms are using those in lieu of job boards these days!

Q: That was my suspicion. With regard to Facebook networking how do you recommend I approach a target company? What are the best methods for developing a relationship/reputation?

A: Your best bet is to find a referral within any company. Use social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook to generate contacts at a specific and then ask for a referral or recommendation.
Q: I’ve been in the public/media relations profession for more than 10 years. I worked at Fannie Mae, former IL Gov’s Office, city’s housing authority, major not-for-profit organization, etc. I also won several professional awards. Networking and others are in the same boat. It’s been difficult to find a job. What would you recommend?

A: It is a tough market out there. I would suggest coming up with a search strategy and target specific positions and companies. Try to find someone within a prospective firm to refer you in.
Q: I’m just wondering how things are looking in the accounting world. I’m looking for staff acct or bus analyst roles senior accountant, etc etc…

A: Thank you for the question. We have several openings for Business Analysts right now so I would say things are improving. Check our opportunities at http://www.orion-recruiting.com and let us know if you have more questions!

Q: Ok. Thanks!
Q: When a recruiter states they have “exclusivity” to a client, what does that exactly mean? Also is that something contractual or just a verbal agreement?

A: It means that the firm isn’t working with any other recruiters- the recruiting firm is the only firm they use! It could be either contractual or verbal.

Q: Why are prospective employers taking a lot longer to get back to potential hires lately, considering that they could lose that precious talent other competitors?

A: There is a perception that there is a lot of talent on the market right now and some firms feel like they can take more time and be more selective.

Q: Do you think a healthy image is an important factor that could outweigh talents and skills as a factor for hiring someone? Say for example 2 potential hires, one is thin and healthy and the other is slightly overweight but has greater skills, would image be a factor in this scenario?

A: We have never received feedback from any client regarding perceived health of a candidate. Most hiring decisions are skill based.

Q: I hear a lot about recruiting firms that charge the job seeker for connecting them with possible employers, is this a new tactic that we will have to look to in the future? Is it a fair policy?

A: This is a practice that not is widely used and there are many reputable firms that are willing to assist candidates without charging them.

Q: If a recruiting firm that seems unprofessional and you would feel would poorly represent you because possibly the actual rep doesn’t speak English well or is very novice in the industry presents you with a very favorable job opportunity, how do you handle that? What options do i have?

A: There are many recruiting firms out there. If you feel in any way that you are not being represented or uncomfortable, it is entirely appropriate to let the recruiter know that you do not wish to work with them.

Q: I’ve currently seen more and more recruiters post job advertisements in the local NY area that are for positions in Chicago, Boston, Dallas, and other metropolitan areas, is this because financial and technical jobs are moving out there from the… NY/NJ/CT area or is this because new opportunities are being created in those regions?

A: Firms may post in many regions to cast a wider net hoping someone may be interested in relocating.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Leave a comment & be sure to fill out the poll below to let us know how our first “Ask The Recruiter” event went!


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