Orion Recruiting Unveils Full-Service Consulting Practice for Trading Firms

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Orion Recruiting has launched an expanded service set for its financial industry clients. This offering will dramatically enhance a customer’s ability to find and retain the highest caliber of talent through Orion’s high-end consulting practice.

Chicago, IL (PRWeb) February 12, 2009 — Orion Recruiting, a leading financial industry recruiting firm based in Chicago, has just announced the debut of a new practice area – Orion Consulting Services. The new offerings provide a range of Human Resource services for Orion’s financial and trading clients – from the outsourcing of an entire human resource department to the writing of job descriptions, competitive salary analysis, evaluation of the firm’s environment, and even the option to have a recruiter working on site throughout the duration of a particular candidate search.

By expanding its service set to include HR-based consulting, Orion presents a revolutionary type of recruiting that goes beyond simply searching for talent. Andrea Persico, President of Orion Recruiting, states, “We recognize the fact that a great many of our clients don’t require full-time Human Resources staff – Orion’s new practice area allows those types of firms to utilize our professional, high-quality services on an as-needed basis. We believe the industry has required this for quite some time.”

Another facet of this practice area focuses on Orion’s ability to setup, from start to finish, a firm’s foray into the world of college & campus recruiting.

“Many of the financial firms are looking for top talent right out of school. However, to be effective at this type of recruiting, there’s a great deal of planning, marketing and tactical execution that’s required to ultimately be successful. This is where we come in – leveraging our specialized industry experience in the campus arena to get our clients high-quality hires. At the end of the day, most firms simply want to focus on trading, yet not neglect the other areas of their business. We feel our outsourced college-recruiting service will go a long way towards helping companies achieve those goals,” Persico said.

About Orion Recruiting:
Orion Recruiting is a widely recognized leader in providing top talent to the financial services industry. Orion is a full-service firm – offering contingency, executive and consultative-based searches. With over fifteen years of financial industry experience, Orion specializes in filling trading, technical and management positions. Additional information can be found at http://www.orion-recruiting.com

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Phone: (312)540-9594


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