“Ask The Recruiter II” Event Recap

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We received many great questions last Friday. Here is a recap from our “Ask The Recruiter II” event!

Q: How do I look for an intern/project/consulting job instead of a full-time job since getting a full-time job is so difficult in this economy?

A: Many of the job boards are a great place to look.  DiceMonster and CareerBuilder are great starting points.  Recently sites such as  Indeed and SimplyHired, which pull from corporate websites AND job boards, are more robust and allow you to sort open positions by type: contract, permanent, etc.  Also, if you are working with a recruiter, let them know you are open to (or prefer) contract positions.

Q: If you have not contacted a recruiter in a long time what is a good way to get back in touch?

A: A friendly and professional email is always appropriate. Let them know that you are still in the market for a new position, and would be open to a variety of roles. If the recruiting firm lists their jobs on their website you may want to search their open positions and follow up with your recruiter regarding a suitable role.

Q: When asked “What is your biggest weakness?” in an interview, what would be a good response?

A: It is always best to be honest with your potential employer, but you do want to manage your answer to the question. I would cite an area for improvement in the interview, but then also mention that you are continuously working to be better at it. Also try not to select an area that may turn the employer off to you.

Q: There are a lot of advertisements on LinkedIn for resume writers and interview coaches. Is this really worth the money?

A: Having a good resume is a must, but a lot of times the recruiting company you work with will assist you at no cost. If you are not working with a recruiter a resume writer is a good start.  I would review 2-3 and pick the most economical choice since they all offer pretty much the same service.

Q: Besides CareerBuilder and Monster, what are other websites where I can search for a job?

A: Indeed and SimplyHired can be good resources. We’ve also seen more firms posting open positions on LinkedIn. I would search the “job” section of LinkedIn user groups to search for available jobs.  Also, researching firms you are interested in and applying directly to their website is always a good way to go.

Q: What social networking sites are the best to find financial jobs? Would you suggest making two profiles: one personal, one professional?

A: LinkedIn is a great place. I would suggest joining industry specific user groups, and connecting with group members to build a network. Facebook has some good networking groups as well that are industry specific. Making two profiles is an option, but your potential employer may stumble upon your personal one instead of your professional. Making your Facebook profile unsearchable is a good way to control what you let a potential employer see during a job search.

Q: How can I translate my insurance industry experience over to financial trading? Both areas test complex systems.

A: I would try to make any parallel experience very apparent on your resume. Tailor each application to the specific role for which you are applying.

Q: Does the job market really slow down during the holidays?

A: No.  Most employers want to start the new year fully staffed and often are given the go ahead to make hires in December.  I would highly recommend making your job search a priority even during the holiday season.

Q: What is the best way I can negotiate additional/better benefits during an interview?

A: It can be tricky. It’s important to know all the details of your current package prior to going into the negotiation. After comparing your current package to the new offer, discuss with your employer what a fair middle ground is for both parties.

Q: I am experienced in C++ and Java and most recently have work with web languages like PHP and HTML. What would you suggest I do to get reacquainted with C++ and Java and land an IT position?

A: I’d suggest taking a BrainBench exam once you are back in the swing of it. If you can produce some high marks it may dispel any doubts potential employers may have about your skill level since you have been away from C++/Java for a bit.


Orion Recruiting Provides A First-Of-Its Kind Social Networking Forum For Financial Industry Job Seekers Nationally

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This week’s post centers on the press release for our upcoming event: “Ask the Recruiter”.  We’ll get back to more personal branding topics next week!  [ap]

Utilizing the Web 2.0 social & business networking sites of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, Orion Recruiting is launching a real-time job search advice round table, dubbed “Ask the Recruiter”.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 17, 2009 — At a time when the U.S. national unemployment rate is at 9.4%, its highest in the last quarter century and the total number of those without jobs is at 14.5 million people, Orion Recruiting is launching a free service to help those in the financial arena with their job search.

Specifically, “Ask the Recruiter” is a real-time question and answer session for anyone who has job search queries.  This event was organized by Orion’s President, Andrea Persico, in order to provide guidance to the financial industry, a community that has seen significant cutbacks, an unheralded number of job losses and tremendous negative publicity.

Persico states, “A little-mentioned aspect of the current economic crisis is that the backlash has directly affected the ability of some really talented, hard-working professionals to get new positions, simply because of their industry affiliation.  Our main service vertical is capital markets, so we thought it would be a great idea to assist and advise potential candidates with their search needs.  And indirectly, if we help to heal this divide, then that’s even better, because not every single person is guilty by association.”

Orion is also utilizing the power of the social mediasphere to reach the largest audience and provide maximum benefit.  With more and more people joining web networking sites, the staff at Orion decided that Twitter and Facebook would be the best platform to connect with the public directly.  The event is also listed under the ever-popular business networking site, LinkedIn.

On Thursday, August 20th, Orion recruiters will be waiting online, in real-time, to answer questions on a variety of job search topics.  Possible subjects are limitless, but are sure to include discussions on the current state of hiring in the industry, resume building advice, interview dos and don’ts and compensation negotiation.  The first event begins on Twitter at 11AM and will last until 11:30AM, followed by a Facebook session from 11:30AM to Noon (CST).

“Basically, we’ve created an outlet to provide people with zero-pressure answers to their most pertinent job search questions.  You don’t need to be a current client to participate; you don’t need to be a candidate we’ve worked with in the past.  Because so many people have become unemployed in such a relatively short period, most haven’t been on an interview or updated their resume for quite some time.  My goal is to help them understand what it takes to catch an employer’s eye”, continued Persico.

Orion plans to have these events with regularity, as long as the demand stays strong.  Interested participants can register for the event in a variety of places, including:

Facebook:  http://tinyurl.com/oje9yw

LinkedIn:   http://tinyurl.com/qekvcs

The Orion Website:  http://www.orion-recruiting.com/contact/

About Orion Recruiting:

Orion Recruiting is a widely recognized leader in providing top talent to the financial services industry and currently has over 85 openings in trading and technology. Orion is a full-service firm – offering contingency, executive and consultative-based searches. With over fifteen years of financial industry experience, Orion specializes in filling trading, technical and management positions.

Additional information can be found at www.orion-recruiting.com

For more information contact:

Eva Knapp, Marketing Coordinator

Phone: (312)540-9594 ext 103

Ask Andrea…I am a Senior Level candidate and can’t seem to find a job – what should I do???

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Job Qualifications are changing as rapidly as the markets themselves. A year ago everyone was desperate to hire the most technically savvy candidate they could find. If you made less than six figures you were quickly dismissed because it was assumed that you didn’t have the skills to fit these high tech roles. In the last year, like many markets, that paradigm has changed. Budgets are cut, firms are folding and suddenly the most sought after candidates of yester year are plentiful. Every day I speak with senior level candidates that can’t find work. Clients are indicating that they would prefer a more junior candidate and salary ranges are shrinking. The once expert is now looking for work and wondering what to do while they wait for their skill set stock to rise.

Be open
Consider jobs that you might not have considered before. I am starting to see an increase in companies that are hiring consultants, as they are viewed as less expensive than a permanent employee. Consider doing a job that you might have done a few years back. This may not freshen your technology skills, but will help round out your expertise in the long term. Sometimes you need to take a step back to move forward. Firms may only hire one manager to every five developers. The odds show that you would have better shot at a position as a developer. This may not be ideal and perhaps a bit of a hit to the ego, but it will pay your mortgage. Interestingly, taking lower level or consulting positions does have its advantages. As a consultant, you have flexibility to interview and look for other positions, in addition to filling in those taboo “gaps” on the résumé employers loathe. It will also expand your technical knowledge and process base. Often times, taking a lower level position can provide you with valuable insight that will also make you a better manager in your next role.

Know your bottom line
Figure out your bottom line. Look at your expenses and life style and determine what a reasonable salary expectation is. Look for short term contracts to supplement your income while you are looking.

Value your skills and get your resume and online profile in check

Write your resume to fit each job that you apply for. Don’t cloud your resume with experience that isn’t relevant to the job. The first person that will see your resume is most likely a recruiter or coordinator and all they are looking for is the specific requirements that are listed on the job. Write your resume for a recruiter. Remove any reference to your years of experience. Assumptions are often made about salary expectations skill level etc. based on years of experience. Don’t give prospective employers a reason to reject you. Look for industry trends and become knowledgeable on them. Today, a lot of firms are utilizing Agile/SCRUM methodologies and are willing to consider candidates without tactical experience that are familiar with it.

Work your intangibles
People want to hire people that they like period. Not much more to say there.

Market your Personal Brand
Get to know recruiters in your industry- yes a plug for me- but we are a necessary evil. Some firms don’t have recruiting departments and only use recruiters. My firm, once contingency-only, is currently expanding into the consulting world and is constantly working on positions that are not advertised on CareerBuilder or company websites. If you haven’t already established your personal brand, it is time to start. Next week we will talk about discovering and building your online brand.
In the interim here are few quick tips:

Social Networks and Twitter are the new Job boards. If you think there isn’t a place for you on LinkedIn or Facebook, you are wrong. Employers are posting positions to LinkedIn, in lieu of job boards. Twitter and Facebook job sites are steadily increasing.

Don’t be afraid to network. I am not a proponent of these out of work events which work well in other industries. Avoid looking desperate, rather attend industry specific events and present yourself as a “consultant”. Many events can be found on LinkedIn. Don’t hesitate on a “good” opportunity. For the time being think twice before you turn down any opportunity, in a few months you might be thinking- no “coulda shoulda woulda”.

For more tips attend our online event on August 20, 2009. “Ask The Recruiter” will be conducting a free one-of-a-kind, real-time webinar to answer job search questions LIVE! We’ll have one session at 11AM on Twitter and another on Facebook at 11:30 CST. Click here for more information and registration.

Introducing: “Ask The Recruiter,” A Real-Time Job Search Q&A!

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Ask The Recruiter

Looking for your next career opportunity? With so many people on the hunt, it can be difficult to find someone to give you genuine advice on important hiring questions.

“What is the best way to go about looking for your next job?”

“What exactly should be on a resume and where should you post it for the greatest results?”

“What is the most successful way to conduct oneself during the interview process?”

With over 15 years of trading industry experience, the staff at Orion Recruiting has seen it all. Searching through countless candidates daily, they know what it takes to catch an employer’s (or recruiter’s) eye! Now is your chance to gain the insight you’ve been looking for.

On Thursday, August 20th, Orion Recruiting is hosting “Ask The Recruiter”, a FREE, dynamic question and answer session for anyone who has financial industry job search questions. Here’s how it works: We’ve scheduled events on your favorite social networking sites where you can connect directly with live Orion recruiters.

The first event begins on Twitter at 11AM and will last until 11:30AM, followed by a Facebook session from 11:30 AM to Noon.  (CST)

Register today to take advantage of this unique experience!

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