To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

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My name is apersico and I am a tweetaholic.  OK well I am not quite there….but if I lose focus I could be.

Twitter is my latest social networking obsession, and for those of you that have been on the moon (although even some astronauts are using it)– Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.  Popularized in 2009 by celebrities and celebutantes, Twitter today has roughly 18 million users and that number is growing steadily.

I set up a Twitter account almost a year ago and toyed with it on and off until recently when my addiction manifested.   I now tweet daily.  This isn’t because I have a desperate need to know what Kim Kardashian is doing, or to share my every thought, but more because I feel like it keeps me in the know.   I learned through a TMZ tweet that Michael Jackson died before it hit the news, Chitownnews tweeted  Luol Deng was ready to play this week after the flu, Billy Dec tweeted about  Sunda’s first birthday, and Crains that financial firms and banks will do more hiring in the second quarter.  Most of this information is only useful if I plan on being a game show contestant, but Twitter does have some professional aspects and by following tweeters that share relevant professional information it can be very useful.  My firm, Orion Recruiting, along with many others are using twitter to post jobs and communicate with potential candidates. The trending topic,” #Jobs “,is getting hundreds of tweets a minute which could be very useful to a job seeker.  Many firms are also advertising on Twitter and using it to share information, even financial industry firms such as CME and FIA are tweeting.   Let’s consider some of the twitter pros and cons:

Tweet Pros

  1. You are in the know and up to the minute on everything.
  2. Free Advertising to your followers to post jobs and share information about you and your firm.
  3. Easy- Twitter is user friendly and mobile with cell phone apps it can be used anywhere anytime.
  4. You have a voice. Twitter is always available to listen to your thoughts even when no one else is

Tweet Cons

  1. Everything you tweet can and will be used against you.  Tweets are short and can easily be misunderstood.  If you don’t use privacy settings, your tweets can be read by anyone so you never know who is reading your tweets.
  2. It’s addictive
  3. Twitter can be a waste of time- some tweets and stories while interesting can be enticing when you should be doing something else.
  4. You are too connected and there is just too much information!

As with all social mediums there positives and negatives that beg the question: what is your Twit pro Quo?


The Five Day Digital Detox

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Happy 2010!  With the turn of a new year and decade, many people set resolutions which commonly revolve around fitness and health.  I, like everyone else, have a few of those, but have also been thinking about my career goals and what I would like to accomplish professionally in 2010.

In the last year the business world continued its exposure on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as a bevy of new competitors. The terminology associated with these mediums has become a part of our vernacular.  Last year I joined so many groups, networking sites, and read so many blogs about personal branding that it has me feeling so over saturated. I can’t even keep track of all my usernames and passwords.

Am I alone?  It is time for a social networking cleanse – a five day digital detox. Unlike a health detox, this one can be done any five days you want with as much of a time commitment as you like.   Whether you are planning on a major career overhaul, changing jobs or just refocusing your objectives—you may be in need of this cleanse.

Care to join me in a digital detox?  This might not make you feel less bloated, but it will help to refocus your career.

Day One – Objectives
As with any resolution, it is important to set reasonable goals.   This involves determining your career focus and creating a game plan.  Are you looking to grow within your own firm or is it time to look elsewhere?  Look at how and where you want to focus your personal branding efforts.  Select 3-5 sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and a few niche sites relative to your industry.  Set realistic goals on how often you should update your status, make comments etc.

Day Two – Cleanse
This is the time to get rid of your digital toxins- whether it be annoying toxic Facebook frenemies, the LinkedIn connection that continuously sends you unrelated emails, or the sports blog that you spend hours reading at work.  Go ahead just do it and do it immediately– unfriend – disconnect- unfollow or whatever you need to do.  These connections are a waste of your time and keep you from reaching your goals.  In a world where people are getting fired for fantasy football leagues at work, it is important to make sure you toxic-free.  Refrain from fads that promise you more followers and work on building relationships in your niche network. It is like ripping off a band aid –you will feel bad for a moment but better in the long run.  Evaluate your subscriptions and connections and get rid of your technical toxins!

Day Three –  Diet
The word diet has many meanings, one of which is to feed.  Choose what resources you will use in 2010.  In 2009 I spent a ridiculous amount of time on webinars and reading information during the workday that had no impact on my career.  We all do it- you get sucked in.  It is time to take control and be a cognitive miser.   Subscribe to industry related sites and spam those that are not.  Spend your work time reading something meaningful and change your online obsession.

Day Four – Supplement
Make sure your online profiles are completed and reflective of your current credentials.  All of your profiles should have accurate information be complete with a picture.   Link all of your sites together.  I am trying–  I can update Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and WordPress all in one location.  Not everyone is the same so follow what recommendations that work best for you.

Day Five – Rejuvenate
This is my favorite part.  Keep track of your goals and reward yourself for attaining them.  Celebrate your successes with whatever your vice may be a glass of wine or a delicious meal, the new iTablet or better yet –your reward may just be an improved career!

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