To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

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My name is apersico and I am a tweetaholic.  OK well I am not quite there….but if I lose focus I could be.

Twitter is my latest social networking obsession, and for those of you that have been on the moon (although even some astronauts are using it)– Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.  Popularized in 2009 by celebrities and celebutantes, Twitter today has roughly 18 million users and that number is growing steadily.

I set up a Twitter account almost a year ago and toyed with it on and off until recently when my addiction manifested.   I now tweet daily.  This isn’t because I have a desperate need to know what Kim Kardashian is doing, or to share my every thought, but more because I feel like it keeps me in the know.   I learned through a TMZ tweet that Michael Jackson died before it hit the news, Chitownnews tweeted  Luol Deng was ready to play this week after the flu, Billy Dec tweeted about  Sunda’s first birthday, and Crains that financial firms and banks will do more hiring in the second quarter.  Most of this information is only useful if I plan on being a game show contestant, but Twitter does have some professional aspects and by following tweeters that share relevant professional information it can be very useful.  My firm, Orion Recruiting, along with many others are using twitter to post jobs and communicate with potential candidates. The trending topic,” #Jobs “,is getting hundreds of tweets a minute which could be very useful to a job seeker.  Many firms are also advertising on Twitter and using it to share information, even financial industry firms such as CME and FIA are tweeting.   Let’s consider some of the twitter pros and cons:

Tweet Pros

  1. You are in the know and up to the minute on everything.
  2. Free Advertising to your followers to post jobs and share information about you and your firm.
  3. Easy- Twitter is user friendly and mobile with cell phone apps it can be used anywhere anytime.
  4. You have a voice. Twitter is always available to listen to your thoughts even when no one else is

Tweet Cons

  1. Everything you tweet can and will be used against you.  Tweets are short and can easily be misunderstood.  If you don’t use privacy settings, your tweets can be read by anyone so you never know who is reading your tweets.
  2. It’s addictive
  3. Twitter can be a waste of time- some tweets and stories while interesting can be enticing when you should be doing something else.
  4. You are too connected and there is just too much information!

As with all social mediums there positives and negatives that beg the question: what is your Twit pro Quo?


The 7 Habits of the Highly Annoying Social Networkers

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  1. Sending spam messages selling products on professional focused social networking sites.  Yesterday I received an InMail on LinkedIn with a list of recommended holiday presents and links to purchase them from a fellow group member…seriously? How is this related to professional networking?
  2. Sending personal anecdotes or jokes to people you do not know personally.  Such as the Constant Contact email I recently received featuring a picture of Tiger Woods beaten up and then below it information on a financial firm – do I need to say more?
  3. Writing disparaging and personally mean messages to other members in comment sections of networking sites (flame wars).  If you don’t agree with another member’s opinion – show some class and share your opinion, don’t take personal pot shots at the author or any other member for that matter – the only credibility questioned in these types of comments is yours.
  4. Post products you are selling under group discussions.  I recently saw an advertisement in an IT group I belong to under the discussions section pushing fictional books on tape – again how is the professionally relevant to developers?
  5. Ignoring your audience – the reason you joined a social network is to have a voice.  A message from another member should be responded to – they are listening to you, don’t turn them away.
  6. Post links to anything you are promoting on someone else’s wall.  I recently accepted a friend request on Facebook from someone I barely knew and they actually posted a link to my wall promoting a book they wrote – needless to say it was quickly deleted and that person de-friended.  Is my wall really a place for you to promote your book?
  7. Posting Profanities – If an f-bomb is really necessary to get your point across, don’t do it on a professional site and make your comments unsearchable.  Keep in mind that prospective clients, employers, and colleagues are going to Google you.  I am not judging you – but they probably are.

Professional networks are a great resource, yet if they are used to hawk products & services it only decreases their value.  Use your network, don’t abuse it.  If you do fall prey to any of these online foibles there is an appropriate way to handle it. Contact the poster directly and let them know your thoughts- don’t start an online argument.  I have found the following approach to work best:  Contact, De-friend or Unlink, and lastly report.  Any other recommendations?

Orion Recruiting Provides A First-Of-Its Kind Social Networking Forum For Financial Industry Job Seekers Nationally

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This week’s post centers on the press release for our upcoming event: “Ask the Recruiter”.  We’ll get back to more personal branding topics next week!  [ap]

Utilizing the Web 2.0 social & business networking sites of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, Orion Recruiting is launching a real-time job search advice round table, dubbed “Ask the Recruiter”.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 17, 2009 — At a time when the U.S. national unemployment rate is at 9.4%, its highest in the last quarter century and the total number of those without jobs is at 14.5 million people, Orion Recruiting is launching a free service to help those in the financial arena with their job search.

Specifically, “Ask the Recruiter” is a real-time question and answer session for anyone who has job search queries.  This event was organized by Orion’s President, Andrea Persico, in order to provide guidance to the financial industry, a community that has seen significant cutbacks, an unheralded number of job losses and tremendous negative publicity.

Persico states, “A little-mentioned aspect of the current economic crisis is that the backlash has directly affected the ability of some really talented, hard-working professionals to get new positions, simply because of their industry affiliation.  Our main service vertical is capital markets, so we thought it would be a great idea to assist and advise potential candidates with their search needs.  And indirectly, if we help to heal this divide, then that’s even better, because not every single person is guilty by association.”

Orion is also utilizing the power of the social mediasphere to reach the largest audience and provide maximum benefit.  With more and more people joining web networking sites, the staff at Orion decided that Twitter and Facebook would be the best platform to connect with the public directly.  The event is also listed under the ever-popular business networking site, LinkedIn.

On Thursday, August 20th, Orion recruiters will be waiting online, in real-time, to answer questions on a variety of job search topics.  Possible subjects are limitless, but are sure to include discussions on the current state of hiring in the industry, resume building advice, interview dos and don’ts and compensation negotiation.  The first event begins on Twitter at 11AM and will last until 11:30AM, followed by a Facebook session from 11:30AM to Noon (CST).

“Basically, we’ve created an outlet to provide people with zero-pressure answers to their most pertinent job search questions.  You don’t need to be a current client to participate; you don’t need to be a candidate we’ve worked with in the past.  Because so many people have become unemployed in such a relatively short period, most haven’t been on an interview or updated their resume for quite some time.  My goal is to help them understand what it takes to catch an employer’s eye”, continued Persico.

Orion plans to have these events with regularity, as long as the demand stays strong.  Interested participants can register for the event in a variety of places, including:



The Orion Website:

About Orion Recruiting:

Orion Recruiting is a widely recognized leader in providing top talent to the financial services industry and currently has over 85 openings in trading and technology. Orion is a full-service firm – offering contingency, executive and consultative-based searches. With over fifteen years of financial industry experience, Orion specializes in filling trading, technical and management positions.

Additional information can be found at

For more information contact:

Eva Knapp, Marketing Coordinator

Phone: (312)540-9594 ext 103

Introducing: “Ask The Recruiter,” A Real-Time Job Search Q&A!

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Ask The Recruiter

Looking for your next career opportunity? With so many people on the hunt, it can be difficult to find someone to give you genuine advice on important hiring questions.

“What is the best way to go about looking for your next job?”

“What exactly should be on a resume and where should you post it for the greatest results?”

“What is the most successful way to conduct oneself during the interview process?”

With over 15 years of trading industry experience, the staff at Orion Recruiting has seen it all. Searching through countless candidates daily, they know what it takes to catch an employer’s (or recruiter’s) eye! Now is your chance to gain the insight you’ve been looking for.

On Thursday, August 20th, Orion Recruiting is hosting “Ask The Recruiter”, a FREE, dynamic question and answer session for anyone who has financial industry job search questions. Here’s how it works: We’ve scheduled events on your favorite social networking sites where you can connect directly with live Orion recruiters.

The first event begins on Twitter at 11AM and will last until 11:30AM, followed by a Facebook session from 11:30 AM to Noon.  (CST)

Register today to take advantage of this unique experience!

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